Adiponectin 2 results

Nutrição e Restrição de Sono – Artigo 20

A change in objective sleep duration is associated with a change in the serum adiponectin level of women with overweight or obesity undergoing weight loss intervention Background Although the serum adiponectin level is inversely correlated to body mass index and closely associated with obesity and related diseases, neither the impact of weight loss on the adiponectin level nor other factors that might influence the adiponectin level during weight loss intervention are well documented. Objective The objective of the study is to assess the change in the serum adiponectin level during weight ...

Nutrição e síndrome metabólica – Artigo 16

Reduced circulating adiponectin levels are associated with the metabolic syndrome independently of obesity, lipid indices and serum insulin levels: a cross-sectional study Background: Given the increasing rate of overweight and the burden of metabolic syndrome (MetS) on cardiovascular disease development, better understanding of the syndrome is of great importance. Therefore, the objectives were to examine whether interleukin-6 (IL-6)